Ayahuasca Nights

Jason Martin, author of the acclaimed novel, Voluptua, once again takes us deep into the mysteries of Ayahuasca, this time through a deeply personal memoir of the transformative power of shamanism.

Beginning at Machu Picchu and ranging from Massachusetts to Dharamsala to the green jungles of Peru and back again, these stories of birth, illness, grief and recovery are woven amidst a tapestry of rich sights, surprising sounds and, of course, powerful ceremonies.

Culled from his own experiences, as well as testimonials from those whom he has aided through his shamanic practice, Jason reveals insights into the potent healing available to those that choose to embark upon a conversation with the indigenous medicine often known as The Grandmother.

With good humor and a fireside charm that belies the importance of these stories, Ayahuasca Nights is an important addition to the body of world shamanic knowledge and a window into the heart of one of its most devoted practitioners.